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Automation Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The healthcare sector worldwide is facing a great challenge – a challenge that will be addressed by automation. Festo is committed to supporting this throughout our organization. Priority and investments have been placed on supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, engineering and field application support to ensure our customers have the best chance at success.

As a global company with a dedicated Life Sciences team, we are able to bring value in project coordination and support critical issues ranging from product supply to engineering services for rapid kinematic or fluidics design. We have experts in microfluidics, kinematics and biocompatibility to help customer make quick and accurate decisions. The challenge is shared by all of us and our goals are mutual.

Solutions for Respiratory Care

Understands the challenges in front of you and has extensive experience in medical technology to provide off-the-shelf components or provide custom engineered solutions to meet the specific applications.

Solutions for Diagnostics and Testing

Our medical device components are designed and manufactured in an ISO 13485 quality environment, making validation easier and speeding up your overall time-to-market.

Solutions fot Vaccine Manufacturing

Given the rapidly changing landscape with an emphasis on locally resourced raw materials, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers are in a race to upgrade and expand existing production facilities. Festo is the partner for many process automation and control applications. Front-end to back-end including fill finish, Festo offers proven solutions specifically for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries.

For more information, please contact us at Nydiana Loubriel

787-781-2655 Ext. 3021


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