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Solutions for Diagnostics and Testing

The Covid-19 situation has created an unprecedented bottleneck in gathering, sorting and preparing millions of patient samples for reliable clinical test results. Festo supplies components for tube sorting, decapping and aliquoting of fluids, and we work with our customers to develop and rapidly deploy systems to optimize the diagnostic testing available today.

Our medical device components are designed and manufactured in an ISO 13485 quality environment, making validation easier and speeding up your overall time-to-market. Below is a short list of Festo products and services typically used in the sample prep area of diagnostics and testing. Please refer to our full catalog for complete range of products.

Grippers Festo offers innovative solutions for gripping trays, vial and plates

  • EHMD combined capper/decapper gripper with z axis compensation

  • EHPS range of parallel electric grippers

  • Complete range of pneumatic grippers

Kinematics Motion is at the center of most sample prep applications. Specific for life science applications, Festo has a range of preconfigured 2 and 3 axis systems, engineering services to design custom systems, and a complete portfolio of actuators, motors, drives which are plug and play.

  • EXCMPreconfigured compact 2 axis stage

  • EHML – Space saving telescoping slide

  • EGSC / ELGC Economical modular linear actuators

  • ERMO Economical modular rotary stage

  • Range of motors and drives

Vision and sensors Where performing bar code reading or fill levels is important, Festo solutions provide easy setup and configuration.

  • SBSI vision sensors for object and barcode sensing

  • SOEG optoelectronic infrared sensors

  • SOOF fork light barriers

  • SOEC color sensors

Liquid Handling Our force and pressure based media isolated valves offer excellent Cv and cleanability. To simply the design, Festo offers compatible products for valve control and to generate local pressure and vacuum.

  • VTOE precision dosing valve

  • VYKA miniature isolation valve

  • VAEM economical ethernet/RS232 solenoid controller

  • PVGA – generates local pressure and vacuum supply

Engineering Resources Often the footprint or application does not allow for a standard desktop handling system, and you need support and resources for the design. Festo has a dedicated team locally to design custom gantries and liquid handling systems. The solutions range from simple two axis gantries to full subsystems performing more complex tasks.

  • Kinematics – Engineering team to support design and assembly of custom motion solutions

  • Fluidic system design – Engineering and design resources for fluidic applications


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