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Integrated Project Solutions


Inseco combines the technical experience accrued for the last 54 years providing our customers with customized solutions that integrate the different technology solutions and services that we represent. 


  • Do you need a specific size air handler unit with integrated dehumidification system? We can do it.

  • Do you need a dust collector, integrated with a HEPA filter, an extraction fan, an explosion protection system? No problem we can design it and manufacture it for you.  

  • Do you need to retrofit an existing air handler, dust collector system to incorporate ancillary equipment or controls?  We can do it for you.

  • And we can also do a lot more and not limited to the following: 


  • Engineered Industrial Equipment Retrofit/Modifications

  • Air Handling Unit Overhauls

  • Welding & Painting

  • Installation & Startup

  • Equipment Mounted Skids

  • Mechanical Equipment Overhauls

  • Industrial Equipment Repairs

  • Field installation, commissioning, calibration, and start-up of various instrumentation

  • Skid for: pumps, air compressors, filters, dryers, instrumentation, 

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • 24/7 phone technical support of factory trained technician


Eng. Josean Rivera at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3023

Alexis Amador at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3017

Ivette Gonzalez at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3020

See an example video here:

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Our team is on standby, ready to assist you  in any engineered project.  From technical expertise you can trust to industrial equipment from leading manufacturers, we offer access to everything you need to drive the productivity of your business.


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