Our Sales Team

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Our application engineers support our biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, A&E, mechanical contractors, and general industrial customers providing cutting-edge technology solutions on solid dosage applications, aseptic processing, HVAC, compressed air systems, integrity test systems, fluid power – motion/automation, high volume packaging and total fluid management applications as applied in FDA, and OSHA regulated industries.

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Eng. Jesús Raymond

BSME & Biotechnology Process Expert

34 years of experience in Pharma & Biotechnology process & utilities solutions.

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Eng. Josean Rivera

BSME & Pharmaceutical & HVAC-Dehumidification Expert

19 years of experience in Pharma process & HVAC & Dehumidification solutions.

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Ivette González

Aftermarket & Service

27 years of experience in Aftermarkets Sales & Service.

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Eng. Saul Luciano

TECNOFIL – Dominican Republic

BSME - Compressed Air Systems Sales Engineer

12 years experience in Compressed Air Systems

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Jorge Santaella

Operations, Supply Chain & Customer Service

23 years of experience in Distribution Operations, Logistics, Systems & Accounting.

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Jannella Toledo

Customer Service – Filtration Products

17 years of experience in Pall Filtration Systems Customer Service.

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Eng. Rafael Espinal,MBA

General Manager

34 years of experience in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Industrial Manufacturing Operations.

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Eng. Alexis Amador

BSME & Pharmaceutical Process Expert

28 years of experience in Pharma process & utilities solutions.

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Eng. José Miranda

BSME – Mechanical Shop Assembly & Service Expert

13 years of experience in Pharma & Biotechnology mechanical & utilities solutions.

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Juan Negrón

Compressed Air Systems Sales Manager

31 years experience in Compressed Air  Systems

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Esther Couvertier

Compressed Air Systems – Rental & Services Coordinator

9 years of experience in Compressed Air & Gas systems aftermarket, service, & rentals.

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Nydiana Loubriel

Fluid Power – Motion & Automation Sales Manager

30 years of experience in Fluid Power – Motion & Automation solutions.

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Angela Carrillo

TECNOFIL - Dominican Republic

CH E Sales Manager

6 years experience Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & General Industrial Market Sales