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Solutions for Respiratory Care

Festo develops and builds valves that control gases for the respiratory market. They are being used today for metering Oxygen and other respiratory gases to the patient for ventilators, O2 concentrators & conservers, along with emerging technologies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing.

Festo understands the challenges in front of you and has extensive experience in medical technology to provide off-the-shelf components or provide custom engineered solutions to meet the specific applications.

Our medical device components are designed and manufactured in an ISO 13485 quality environment, making validation easier and speeding up your overall time-to-market. Below is a short list of Festo products and services typically used in Respiratory care. Please refer to our full catalog for complete range of products.

Oxygen compatibility is important when choosing products for respiratory applications. To aid in selection, products with oxygen compatibility are marked with +. Those with restricted compatibility are marked with * and we suggest you contact Festo to discuss your application.

Solenoid & piezo based proportional valve technology Piezo technology are often a better alternative to conventional solenoid valves, especially in the areas of flow and pressure control and as directly controlled proportional valves. They are small, lightweight, extremely precise, very durable, incredibly fast and above all they save energy.

  • VPWS + high flow compact proportional solenoid valve

  • VEMP + high flow 3/3 proportional piezo valve, small and economical

  • VEMD + mass flow controller, low power

  • VEAE + high pressure, high flow proportional piezo valve

  • VPPX full programmable proportional pressure regulator

  • VEAB * mini pressure regulator for precision fluidics

Solenoid based discrete valve technology Solenoid valves offer fast economic on/off control of gases. Available for industrial use or rated with oxygen compatibility.

  • MHJ9 * Fast switching valve. Suitable for high flow respiratory applications.

  • VUWG/VUVG-L * Standard valves

  • MH1 * Compact solenoid valves

Sensors Sensors approved for use with oxygen or inert gases are commonly used in respiratory care.

  • SPAN-CS * Digital pressure sensors

  • SFAH * Digital flow sensors

Air Preparation Regulation and filtration of gases for oxygen and compressed air·

  • MS Range * Complete range of filter regulators

  • CRVZS + Stainless steel reservoir

Fittings and tubing Short list of products used for connecting components in circuit.

  • QS- Standard push pull fittings and connectors

  • CRQS * Stainless steel push pull fitting

  • CK * Ultra low leakage fittings

  • PUN-H-NT / WS * FDA approved tubing for oxygen use

  • PFAN * tubing for ultrapure chemistry applications

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