Inseco Service Technicians are factory trained to provide customers start up support for the capital asset acquired. This involves the verification that equipment installation was according to the manufacturer’s instructions and technical support to assure operations are flawless. For this service there is a fee depending on the type of equipment. For more information ask your account Application Engineer for more information.



Inseco combines its technical experience years providing our customers with custom solutions that integrate the different technology solutions that we represent. Do you need a specific size air handler unit with integrated dehumidification system, we can do it.  Do you need a dust collector, integrated with a HEPA filter, an extraction fan, an explosion protection system, no problem we can design it and manufacture it for you.  Do you need to retrofit an existing air handler, or dust collector system?  We can do it for you.

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We have factory trained personnel for all Sullair equipment maintenance in a preventive, complete, efficient and effective way.


Compressed Air Systems Service Center Expertise:


  • Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

  • Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors

  • Oil-Free Scroll Compressors

  • Diesel Driven Air Compressors

  • Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers

  • Refrigerated Dryers

  • Nitrogen Generators


We offer compressor repair services at competitive prices and with the backing of our service experts. 


  •  Sullair Air Suite: A 360° view of your entire compressed air system – helping our customer make data driven decisions. Included with a full system air audit, AirSuite provides an analysis of your entire compressed air system via easy-to-read reports — helping you make the right decisions for your operation.

  • Fluid Analysis - A Health Check for Air Compressors


How healthy is your air compressor? Have you done a fluid analysis check lately? With the Sullair comprehensive fluid analysis program, you can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to the health of your equipment and fluid. 


For more information on these services contact: 

Mrs. Valerie Santos at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3019, email: Valerie_Santos@insecopr.com

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Inseco Compressed Air Business Unit specializes in compressed air systems for industry, consulting, distribution, service and rental of air equipment. If you have a need for a compressor rental contact:


Ms. Esther Couvertier at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3012, email: esther_couvertier@insecopr.com



Inseco offers aftermarket original manufacturer parts for all the technology solutions that we represent. If there is a specific part that you need and can’t find it, contact:


Product Lines: Ms. Ivette Gonzalez at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3020, email: sales@insecopr.com


Fluid Power & Technical Support: 

Mr. Manuel Rosado at 787-402-7448, email: manuel_rosado@insecopr-fpa.com


Inseco offers a comprehensive range of services that provide a convenient and reliable way to assure worry-free instrument operation and minimal downtime. Our instrument services team is comprised of engineers and technical specialists certified in instrument calibration, qualification and repair. For more information please contact: 


Ms. Jannella Toledo at 787-781-2655 Ext. 3026, email: jannella_toledo@insecopr.com


Instruments Serviced


  • Palltronic® Flowstar Filter Integrity Test Instrument (all models)

  • Palltronic AquaWIT System

  • Palltronic FlowMod Filter Integrity Test Device

  • Palltronic Flowstar MUX

  • Palltronic Flow Check Unit


Instrument Service Categories:


  • Instrument Qualification Services

  • Repair Services

  • Calibration Services

  • Instrument Training Courses

  • Technical Support Services

  • Spare Parts

  • Documentation

  • Instrumentation Upgrades