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Solutions for Vaccine Manufacturing

Solutions for Vaccine Manufacturing Given the rapidly changing landscape with an emphasis on locally resourced raw materials, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers are in a race to upgrade and expand existing production facilities. Festo is the partner for many process automation and control applications. Front-end to back-end including fill finish, Festo offers proven solutions specifically for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Below is a short list of Festo products and services typically used in the manufacture and packaging of APIs. Please refer to our full catalog for complete range of products.

Process Control and Automation Festo offers innovative solutions for gripping trays, vial and plates.

  • VTUG economical solenoid valve terminal ideal for cabinet mounting

  • MPAmodular expandable solenoid valve terminal

  • CPV valve terminal available with Class 1 Div 2 option

  • CPX standard IP65 IO platform, integrated with valve terminals

  • CPX-E standard IP20 IO platform

  • CPX-AP-I Universal distributed IO platform

  • Control CabinetsEngineering and assembly service for standard or customer control cabinets, one stop from conceptualization thru validation.

Process Valves For the sanitary control of fluids and gases

  • VZXA Angle seat valves

  • VZBD Sanitary ball valves and actuators

Air Preparation Regulation and filtration of gases for inert gases and compressed air. Complete range of filters, pressure regulators, distributors, safety valves, flow and pressure sensors.

  • MS SeriesSizes from micro M5 to larger 2” versions

Stainless products for Fill/Finish For applications that require stainless or corrosion resistant products

  • CRDSNU Stainless pneumatic actuators

  • CRQS Stainless steel push pull fittings

  • NPFC - Nickle plated fittings and connectors


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