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Power Up with Festo’s Electric Automation Solutions

Considering electric motion for your operations? It’s easy to boost efficiency and connectivity with an extensive portfolio of Electric Automation Solutions from Festo.  Their linear and rotary mechanical systems, servo drives and motors, control solutions, and I/O systems can be integrated into your existing automation line with minimal risk. Explore what’s possible with electric motion.

Automate Everything That Moves on a Single, Unified Platform

With growing demands of increased machine flexibility, adaptability, and capacity – Festo has taken their 50 years of mechanical motion experience and applied it to the development of flexible, low cost, easy to commission electric automation solutions. 

These technology innovations allow you to:

  • Install and commission all elements of your automation chain faster.

  • Integrate linear and rotary mechanical systems, servo drives and motors, control solutions, and I/O systems with minimal risk.

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Featured Electric Automation Solutions – Explore What’s Possible

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Featured Electric Automation Solutions – Explore What’s Possible


Simplified Motion Series

Eliminate the need for compressed air while integrating electric motion at a pneumatic price point with the Simplified Motion Series. Find out more watch the video. 


I/O Systems and Controllers

Integrate motion completely and directly into higher-level control concepts or as a flexible and modular solution for comprehensive automation concepts.



Multi-Axis Solutions

Drive simplicity, efficiency, and connectivity to new levels with Festo’s versatile portfolio of Multi-Axis Solutions, including rotary, linear single axis, multi-axis design tools, and cable management. Read more about handling systems and robots in this whitepaper.


CPX-AP-I I/O System

Maximize your connectivity and control panel space with the CPX-AP-I I/O system – one IP address network drop for all your connected modules.



CMMT Servo Drive

The extremely compact, multi-protocol-capable servo drive is suitable for different Ethernet-based networks and can be integrated directly into the system environments. Learn more about Festo servo drives and motors.



Food Processing & Packaging Solutions

Hygienic, precise, high performance and durable. Discover how Festo solutions can improve the efficiency and capabilities of your food processing and packaging operations.


Learn How You Can Power Up Your ROI with Electric Motion. 

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