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Using Compressed Air for Water Well Drilling

Compressed air is everywhere. Portable diesel air compressors bring compressed air wherever it is needed: plantside, roadside, refineryside and many other jobsites.

This month’s feature application is using portable air compressors in water well drilling. A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by drilling, digging, boring or driving to access water in underground aquifers.

When a water well driller hits the aquifer, there is a large presence of mud and dirt water. Once the casing is set, and prior to landing the pump at the bottom, the water well contractor may clean up the hole by snaking a hose to the bottom and pressurizing the well bottom. This pressurization will cause dirty water to slug to the surface. Once the well bore is cleaned up, the pump can be set and damage will be mitigated.

Likewise, faucets and internal plumbing is free of mud, sludge and other contaminants.

Depending on how deep the well is determines which compressor is ideal, but we most commonly see the Sullair 185 or 375 Series portable air compressors used.

Find your authorized Sullair distributor to learn more about this application and which compressor is right for you.