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Pall Corporation Participates In A Consortium To Rapidly Develop A COVID-19 Vaccine

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., April 21, 2020 — Pall Corporation, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, today announced its participation in a consortium led by the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford (Oxford, England), to rapidly develop, scale-up and produce a vaccine for COVID-19. The ChAdOx1 Consortium, named after the adenoviral vaccine candidate, includes the University of Oxford Jenner Institute, University of Oxford Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility (CBF), the Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC), Advent Srl, Pall Corporation, Cobra Biologics, Halix BV and Oxford Biomedica. ChAdOx1 has been fast tracked as one of the leading vaccine candidates for COVID-19 globally because it generates a strong immune response from one single dose. It is not a replicating virus, eliminating the risk of an ongoing infection, making it safer to use on children, the aging population and those with pre-existing conditions. Small quantities of clinical material have been manufactured by CBF and the manufacturing process has been transferred to Pall, who will develop the large-scale process to enable the manufacture of millions of doses. The scale-up program will be completed over the next few weeks, at which point the manufacturing process will be transferred to Cobra Biologics, Halix BV and Oxford Biomedica who will begin GMP manufacture of the vaccine candidate in multiple batches. “Pall was privileged to have been invited to participate in this ground-breaking program on a leading COVID-19 vaccine,” said Ed Hoare, Vice President and General Manager, Pall Biotech, “We will use all the resources at our disposal to quickly develop a scalable manufacturing process and share it with our consortium partners, so they can manufacture enough of the vaccine to help people worldwide.” About Pall Corporation Pall Corporation is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall works with customers to advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies. The Company’s engineered products enable process and product innovation and minimize emissions and waste. Pall Corporation serves customers worldwide. For more information visit


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