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Oxygen flow meters and instrumentation

Did you know that VPInstruments products can be used for other gasses than just compressed air? VP Instruments provides instrumentation for industrial gasses including Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, CO2, and…Oxygen! Especially with the coronavirus, there is an increase in demand for Oxygen generators! With VPInstruments helps to provide insight into the Oxygen consumption at manufacturers and of the output of the Oxygen generators.

To measure Oxygen, VP Instruments has the following solutions:

  • VPFlowScope flow meters: measuring flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow

  • VP Dew Point Sensor

  • Monitoring systems

VPInstruments’ sensors for oxygen are highly reliable and easy to use. Helping manufacturers of oxygen generators, technical gas suppliers, oxygen infrastructure (piping, installation) companies, and end customers to respond to current increased demand.

Measurement applications

  • Oxygen generator output

  • Measure your distribution network

  • Detect leakages and overconsumption

  • Oxygen allocation

  • Medical applications

To learn more about measurement solutions, make sure to contact us!


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