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Nilfisk's First Battery-Powered Industrial Vacuum

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Nilfisk continues to innovate how we clean!

The VHB436 industrial vacuum combines top-tier performance and filtration capabilities with high runtime enabled by the Nilfisk Lithium-Ion Battery, which is ideal for use in high-traffic environments where efficiency matters much as safety.

Key Features

  • A fast-charging, modular Nilfisk Lithium-ion Battery allows operators to clean throughout the day without interfering with daily operations.

  • Cordless design minimizes the risk of slips or falls in crowded areas.

  • Optional HEPA filtration (up to H14) enables safe retention of the finest particles.

  • Optional Longopac system allows for zero-contact disposal of collected waste, wet or dry.

  • Battery-powered operation allows for cleaning in areas where electricity is unavailable or cables pose obstruction risks

  • Dedicated accessory range, with optional accessory holder and optional lifting bracket for the floor-to-ceiling management of dust and debris


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